I’m Mitch Hurt, the owner of Wild Bird Hunting Guide Service. I’m dedicated to finding the best wild bird hunting in the country. I will be honest with you about the bird numbers and what to expect in hunting effort on your part.

I am a dedicated dog man. Currently have a string of 18 dogs. Sixteen English Pointers and two Black Labs. All from the best bloodlines available. We are in the field almost daily from August 1 through April 30 looking for birds. I have a strong bond with my dogs and feel they are part of my family, not just hunting tools.

My job on our hunts is to work dogs for you, get you in position for shots and whatever else you might need to make your hunt successful . I never shoot birds with my clients. That is your job. I’ll be marking the dead birds down.

Being outdoors with my dogs and taking you to great bird hunting memories is what I look forward to each day. Your time in the field is valuable, therefore I will work hard to make sure it’s the best hunt you can have.